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Смена масок в китайском театре

"Чуфырь-муфырь, не сробей богатырь!" В комментах мужик разоблачает бесовщину (?)

The colours on the mask change when he flips a switch on his back with one of his hands. "His mask only changes when one of his hands are behind his back- that's the give-away. The mask has two parts- a top and bottom part. He seems to be using some kind of thin LCD display on his face that changes colours instantly when he flips a switch on his back- thus he is not changing masks at all. The cape hides the wiring and switch in the back, as well as the battery pack. Both parts change colour together. This is why he wears a cape, large hat and chest piece." At the end of the trick, the bottom part of the mask slides down into his chest piece, and then the top part slides up into his hat.

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